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Faith Yong - Where do I even begin? Sam's really the man! Firstly, he loves people, and meeting new people and friends at that too! Coming in a close second, oh wait, that's also his first love, photography! He takes such meticulous care to remember and save you in his contacts list as per the camera you own so that he recommends what's best for you! Amazing attention to detail! He's personable, friendly and has extraordinary flair for photographing with his heart that it rubs off onto any and everyone he meets. A true gem! Sam's first your friend, then a teacher, innovator and maverick in the fullest sense of photography greats, and lastly, a camera (sales?) man. I would recommend him over and over again! Thanks for making my day Sam, and here's to more camera toting days ahead! :D

Benjamin Beh – Go to Sam only if you like honest sales people. All the best in your new adventure Sam!

Gilbert Goh – great guy, Fab service. outstanding character. always able to give great advice. price is reasonable but service makes up. will support and return for future purchases.

Virginia Tea – beyond expectations helpful, earnest,patient,friendly.They give u the best advice.With them, its not just about buying.Its forging of a new friendship~ =) - Continue to SOAR!

Steven Sim – Beyond words, Samuel is like a brother than a sales Rep, Cheers.

Carrie Sim – Sam's the man lah! Bought the Sony A7 from him because he's the only "camera man" I can totally trust to recommend me not what's most expensive but what's best. His service is unbeatable because he's more a friend than a guy who is selling you your camera and he doesn't stop sharing tips and advice. Thanks Sam!!

Ian Mun – Great service always from this man! Honest and he will never sell you short!

Denise Lit – Really can't find any better service anywhere else. Honest, sincere and professional. The best!

Desmond Aw – Sam is a lousy sales man. He chooses not to sell stuff just because it might make him rich. He chooses not to make simple and direct sales. He chooses to make sure that you make an informed decision. What he choose is that he provides a service that is true, sincere and honest. A quality that is truely lacking in today's local retail and service sector. Nowadays, I just do not waste time asking around for prices, I just go straight to Sam for my camera needs and sometimes he saves me more money actually. Sometimes 20 - 30% and even times Sam saves me a 100% by convincing/reminding me that I do not need what I want.

Kenneth Adamantine Yeow – I had been following and buying camera + accessories from him for pass 20yrs. Like his humour, his jokes, his customer services. No other place feel like it, no any other guys shoot like him.

Tan Shidion – Simply amazing ! If I was to get assessor yes or a new camera I wouldn't hesitate to get them from Sam! I would recommend him to all my photographer friends

Jihae Kim – I feel very lucky to have met Sam. Now I know I'm in good hands. No more searching for me!!

Geoff Patch – I only pop back to Singapore once every year or so but always drop by Sam's shop and he always remembers me, a true gentleman.

Neil Madhvani – It's always a real pleasure meeting with Samuel... He's full of great advice and has so much patience to spend time with all of his customers and friends... Sam always genuinely wants you to get the best for your needs and there's never pressure to buy anything. A real gem of a friend!

Marcus Ng – Professional & sincere service is what you can expect from Sam.He always listens to what u need first & never hard sell. That's why I always go back to him for the past 16 yrs.

Wang Huili – Top notch service, expert advice, one-stop shop for all photography needs. Definitely recommended for anyone looking to buy their camera equipment! A++++++

Jovi Tan – Best brother i ever had. 2 years and counting. ever since i bought my 5D mark 3 from Sam !